This blog reflects the activities of Atelier Populaire Oslo, an artist run platform for production, discussion, research and activism related to the situation for ‘paperless’ and asylum seekers.

Atelier Populaire Oslo/Palestinerleir was a public workshop in Kunsthall Oslo, Norway 6th – 27th of April 2012.  More than 80 artists, writers, undocumented refugees, specialists and activists participated, and daily lectures, meetings and arrangements were held. Further, at the Annual Autum Exhibition 2012 at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, Atelier Populaire Oslo and Palestinerleir presented a performance spanning three days, based on the Palestinian and Arabic grief ritual Beit Aza.

Most of the lectures in Kunsthall Oslo were filmed and are presented on this site as an archive of knowledge about the conditions for asylum seekers in Norway and about refugee politics.

PROGRAMME for Atelier Populaire Oslo/Palestinerleir in Kunsthall Oslo 2012



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