Girum Zeleke presents the return agreement between Norway and Ethiopia

12. April 2012. Dr. Girum Zeleke presented the “memorandum of understanding” concerning forced deportation of rejected Ethiopian asylum seekers to Ethiopia.

The agreement was signed in January 2012, one month after Norway dramatically increased the aid to Ethiopia.

Dr. Zeleke pointed out that this agreement differs from return agreements with other countries, and that it resembles extradition treaties for criminals.

He gave a description of how the relationship between Norway and Ethiopia has changed over the past years, noting that the Ethiopian regime is notorious for not honouring agreements.

The level of trust that Norway exhibits towards the regime of Meles Zenawi seems to contradict experience. Also, it stands in contrast to the level of trust in Ethiopian asylum seekers when they present their cases to Norwegian authorities.

Dr. Girum Zeleke’s PowerPoint presentation:


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